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Southern Utah is one of the best areas in the United States for outdoor recreation and Kanab is one of the best locations in southern Utah to experience the amazing outdoor recreation in southern Utah. In this blog we will discuss some of the best national parks and hikes in Utah that are located around Kanab.

One of the best national parks in Utah is Zion National Park. World-famous hikes such as the Subway and Angels Landing make this national park a must see when you are traveling to southern Utah. There are also many smaller hikes for families with small children and spectacular views from the road for those visitors that want to stay in their car. Zion National Park is northeast from the town of Kanab and is an easy drive to the east entrance.

Bryce Canyon National Park is another one of the great national parks in Utah. It is about an hour north of Kanab and is one of the most iconic national parks in the United States with its unique red rock formations. This park offers spectacular views right from the road and those families that want to do some hiking can hike through the towering red rock pinnacles and experience these amazing formations up close.

Southeast of Kanab is a massive national monument called Grand Staircase National Monument. This huge national monument has thousands of acres of canyons, rock formations, trails, caves, and petroglyphs. It is a paradise for people that love to explore the desert southwest. There are some canyons and formations that are easy to access and others that take all day to get to by ATV or foot. There is many areas to explore for all skill and fitness levels and there is something for everyone in this huge national monument.

South of Kanab is one of the longest slot canyons in the world. Buckskin Gulch is over 20 miles long and provides some of the most spectacular canyon views and rock formations in the United States. Families with young children can get into the canyon from the Wirepass Trailhead with just a short one mile hike. Groups with more experience can hike much of the canyon in one day or can apply for a permit to camp overnight.

Kanab has some of the best hiking and outdoor recreation in southern Utah and we hope to see you soon in Kanab!


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