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Southern Utah has some beautiful national parks and national recreation areas.  Families love to visit these national parks and make lifetime memories with their loved ones.  Grand Plateau Lodge and Resort is the perfect family resort in southern Utah for families exploring the national parks.  In this blog we will share why the Grand Plateau Lodge and Resort is such an ideal southern Utah National Park resort for families.

First, Grand Plateau Lodge and Resort is located in Kanab, Utah, which is centrally located in the middle of the grand circle.  It is surrounded by national and state parks that are some of the most amazing national parks in the United States.  North of Kanab is Bryce Canyon National Park.  South of Kanab is the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  Northwest of Kanab is Zion National Park.  East of Kanab is Grand Staircase National Monument.  Southeast of Kanab is Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.  There is spectacular national park and national monuments completely surrounding this area and Grand Plateau Lodge and Resort is convienently located in the center of this amazing area.

Second, Grand Plateau Lodge and Resort has accomodations that fit every size family and every budget.  Small families will find the single bedroom camper cabins just right for a family of three or four people.  Families that are a little bigger are able to rent the vacation home on the resort.  This luxury home has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and is great for families that are five to twelve people.  This beautiful vacation home has a private pool and hot tub in the backyard and a fully-furnished kitchen.  It is perfect for a family to spend a few days relaxing, swimming, and exploring national parks.  The Grand Plateau Lodge is an amazing facility for large families or group gatherings.  Groups of 20 to 50 people will find the Grand Plateau Lodge perfect for their family and friends to get together and relax, swim, eat together, and go out and explore the national parks all around them.  Families that have their own RVs will be able to rent an RV site on the resort and enjoy the amenities of the resort including the great swimming pool and hot tub while staying the comfort of their own RV. 

Third, Families will love spending time together at Grand Plateau Lodge and Resort due to the privacy and seclusion of the resort with the convienence of being close to town.  Grand Plateau Lodge and RV Resort is just 2 miles south of Kanab, so it is easy for families to go into town for food and gas.  The resort is located on a private property, so families that rent the lodge or vacation home will have complete privacy and seclusion and will have a private pool and hot tub just for their family.  

We hope to see your family this year at Grand Plateau Lodge and RV Resort for some unforgettable memories exploring southern Utah’s national parks!

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