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The Kanab area of Utah is an amazing area for families to come and play in the outdoors and explore some of Utah’s greatest natural areas. Families with children of all ages will find some of the most spectacular hikes, sand dunes, rock formations, and views within an hour drive of Kanab, Utah. Here are some of our favorite natural areas to enjoy with our families and children.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is one of our favorite outdoor areas to take children to play and enjoy nature. This amazing state park is just 30 to 40 minutes away from Kanab. This huge area has miles of pink colored sand dunes for families to explore by OHV or by foot. The sand dunes are fun for all ages and many children enjoy playing in the sand, sand boarding, sand sledding, and looking for sand beetles and other animals.

There are countless slot canyons to explore around Kanab. Some of these slot canyons are technical and not recommended for families with children, but there are many slot canyons in the area that are great for children of all ages. Lick Wash is just an hour drive from Kanab and is a great option for families with small children to drive right to the wash and explore around a beautiful canyon without much effort or hiking. Wire Pass trailhead leads to Buckskin Gulch and is a little more of a hike, but still not a very hard hike for children. The Wire Pass Trail goes about 1.5 miles to intersect with Buckskin Gulch. Once you get to Buckskin Gulch groups can decide how much more they want to hike up Buckskin Gulch to explore this world-famous slot canyon.

There are also many amazing rock formations around Kanab. Just south of Kanab is an area called Toadstools just off the side of the highway that is great for children to climb and play on the rock formations. It is easy to access on the side of the highway and children will never run out of rock formations to explore and climb on. Bryce Canyon National Park north of Kanab is great for families to explore and has some of the most spectacular red rock formations in the world. Queens Garden Trail and Wall Street are two of our favorite areas to hike with out children in Bryce Canyon.

Families with children will love the family-friendly hikes around Kanab. We hope to see your family soon at Grand Plateau Lodge in Kanab!

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