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Grand Plateau Lodge in Kanab is one of the greatest national park lodges in the United States. Kanab is an amazing central location in the middle of the grand circle that allows guests access to several national parks, national monuments, state parks, and endless red rock canyons.

Zion National Park is about 30 minutes from the Grand Plateau Lodge and is one of the most beautiful and visited national parks in the United States. The red rock canyons in Zion National Park are spectacular and one of the most famous hikes in the country is Angel’s Landing, which offers amazing views of the canyon. The spectacular slot canyon known as the Subway is a once in a lifetime experience and gives hikers the option to hike through the Virgin River as they explore this amazing national park.

Bryce Canyon National Park is about 80 miles from Grand Plateau Lodge. Visitors to Bryce Canyon National Park can view amazing red rock landscapes and formations and have the option to hike down through many of these spectacular formations. Watching sunrises or sunsets over this amazing red rock landscape is an experience you will never forget.

The North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is about 85 miles south of Grand Plateau Lodge. National Park visitors can easily drive down to the Grand Canyon and view this huge canyon in all its glory. The adventurous park visitor can hike down into the canyon and see the mighty Colorado River and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Grand Canyon from the top and the bottom of the canyon.

Visitors to Grand Plateau Lodge can also enjoy the national monuments, state parks, and many slot canyons around the Kanab area. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park and Grand Staircase National Monument are both a short drive from Kanab. Buckskin Gulch, Paria Canyon, Lick Wash, and Kanab Canyon are just a few of the world-famous slot canyons around Kanab.

Kanab, Utah is one of the best places in the United States to explore national parks. National Park visitors will enjoy seeing many, spectacular national parks and monuments in one trip. We hope to see you soon at Grand Plateau Lodge in Kanab!

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