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Now that 2020 is ending and we are looking forward to a new year we have been reflecting on all the wonderful family groups we have hosted at Grand Plateau Lodge in Kanab this last year. We have had the pleasure of hosting dozens of family vacations in Kanab and meeting thousands of people.  It has been a wonderful year. 

Many of the Kanab family vacations have just began to come to the Kanab area and are just starting to learn about Kanab and the many adventures it has to offer. One of our favorite things to do is to teach families about the many hidden ATV trails, hikes, canyons, and rock formations in the Kanab area.  It is extremely rewarding to have families come back from a day of great adventure that they will not soon forget and have them tell you about the great things they saw and did. At the end of their family vacation, they tell you about the great time they had and the many memories they made.

Grand Plateau Lodge is the perfect Kanab family vacation rental for 2021. It is located just south of the town of Kanab, so it is conveniently located so that families can run into town for groceries or other supplies. The property has a private pool, volleyball, basketball, and hot tub so every member of family has something to do. From this family vacation rental, you can easily drive to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park as well as a handful of state parks. There are also endless slot canyons, sand dunes, and ATV trails to explore within a 30-minute drive of the lodge.  Kanab is still much quieter than many tourist areas but has more outdoor recreation than you could do in a lifetime.

In 2021 take a family vacation that your family will remember forever. Come to Grand Plateau Lodge and enjoy the luxury and privacy of a gorgeous family vacation rental and the outdoor adventure that Kanab has to offer.

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